Locomotive Names

Class 40 Class 42 and 43 Warship Class 44, 45 and 46 Peak Class 47
Class 50 Class 52 Western Class 55 Deltic Class 87

The names listed above are the names ORIGINALLY allocated to the classes.  All the links above were current in 1971 except for 2 of the classes (classes 50 and 87). 

There are images of some the nameplates in all of the sections apart from classes 40 and 42/43.  Follow the links to view.

The class 50s and the class 87 electrics were named in the late 70's.  I have shown these as links below as I have fond memories of the class 50s and could not lave out the 87s as they supported the 86s on the London - Glasgow route via Birmingham New Street - my local main station.

Many of the locomotives no longer exist and some have been renamed, once or even twice as in the case of the Class 47s.  Where this has happened I have indicated their name in green if the locomotive was in service during 2004.

I have used decided to order the locos using their original numbers.  Their later numbers are also shown, where appropriate.